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To access the News on Rheumatology Matter – COVID 19 issue – click here


U.S. Renews COVID-19 Public Health Emergency – article

Tips for Top-Notch Documentation of your PPP Loan and HHS Provider Relief Program – webinar  handout

Paycheck Protection Program Loans – article

ACR – Guiding Principles on Urgent vs Non-Urgent Services – handout

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund – website

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Payment Attestation Portal – website

Track Your Employee Each Day – handout

CDC Get Your Clinic Ready – handout

Hart Heath Strategies Resources for Small Businesses – handout

Hart Health Strategies Federal Relief Information – article

CMS Announces Relief for MIPS and other Programs – article

CMS announces expansion of Accelerated and Advance Payment Program for Medicare providers and suppliers – handout

Small Business Administrations’s 7(a) loan program – article

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) document prepared by congressional staff on the Phase III coronavirus legislation – the CARES Act – handout

Physician Provisions in CARES Act – article

Tax provisions in CARES Act – article

Small Business Paycheck Protection – Summary – article

Small Business Paycheck Protection Program FAQ resource page – article

State Resources Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic – handout



The Complete programs are always available to support new and continuing patients with product education and access support. AbbVie’s Complete resources are full operational. By contacting the product’s complete program you can also learn about the new MyAbbVie Assist Interim Assistance program. This resource will provide medication at no charge for people who have recently lost their job and no longer have commercial insurance coverage.

HUMIRA Complete: 1-800-4HUMIRA (1-800-448-6472)
RINVOQ Complete: 1-800-2RINVOQ (1-800-274-6867)

Additional information may also be found on these website: HUMIRA Complete          RINVOQ Complete


BMS expanded their patient support program to provide free medication to those that have lost their job or are from another country and are unable to return home to access their medications.

For additional information click here.

COVID-19 Emergency Food Assistance Program funded by the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation.

For additional information click here.


Horizon Therapeutics update.


Patient Assistance information.


ucbCARES stands ready to help anyone impacted by COVID-19 find answers to their questions and ensuring they receive the respect and care they deserve during this concerning time. Our team is able to provide information related to UCB products as well as our expanded patient assistance programs for those impacted by COVID-19.

Contact ucbCARES at +1-844-599-CARE (2273), via email at, or visit:

Additional information on UCB’s response, including on our supply chain and clinical trials is available here:


As a reminder, Janssen CarePath continues to offer programs supporting patients with different needs:  For eligible commercially insured patients starting or continuing on certain Janssen medicines, programs that help patients lower their out-of-pocket costs; For patients who have lost their jobs and insurance coverage, Janssen CarePath can provide a referral to independent foundations that offer free medicines; and for new patients starting on most Janssen medicines, free trial product programs


CMS Announces Temporary Claims Hold Pending Congressional Action to Extend 2% Sequester Reduction Suspension

From a special edition newsletter on March 30, 2021:

Temporary Claims Hold Pending Congressional Action to Extend 2% Sequester Reduction Suspension

In anticipation of possible Congressional action to extend the 2% sequester reduction suspension, we instructed the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) to hold all claims with dates of service on or after April 1, 2021, for a short period without affecting providers’ cash flow. This will minimize the volume of claims the MACs must reprocess if Congress extends the suspension; the MACs will automatically reprocess any claims paid with the reduction applied if necessary. 


Read more here.


Coronavirus Town Hall hosted by NORM on March 18, 2020.

Recording: (available 3/18 afternoon) ~ link

Slides available here


Understanding the Families Coronavirus Response Act Q&A Webinar – Webinar

Scott Warwick, JD, MLHR, CEQC, SHRM-SCP website for Coronavirus information include two current files on Healthcare Workers and Responders the Families Response Act and Providers with less than 50 employees and the Families Response Act – Website

Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Bill with Paid-Leave Mandate – article

Family Medical Leave Act –

Sequence for Putting On Personal Protective Equipment handout

Personal Protective Equipment- handout

Interim Infection and Disease Control – handout

Return to Work Criteria – article

Health Care Workers on the Front Lines – handout


Genentech letter

UCB letter

Janssen letter



COVID Vaccine Document

ACR Guidelines

On February 11, 2021, the ACR released guidelines when it comes to the COVID19 vaccine and our medications. For our practice, this affects patients who are on MTX, JAK Inhibitors, Rituxan, and Orencia. (

The Summary:

Hold MTX 1 week after each vaccine dose, for those with well-controlled disease; no modifications to vaccination timing.

Hold JAKi for 1 week after each vaccine dose; no modification to vaccination timing.

Abatacept SQ:
Hold SQ abatacept both one week prior to and one week after the first
COVID-19 vaccine dose (only); no interruption around the second
vaccine dose

Abatacept IV:
Time vaccine administration so that the first vaccination will occur
four weeks after abatacept infusion (i.e., the entire dosing interval),
and postpone the subsequent abatacept infusion by one week (i.e., a
5-week gap in total); no medication adjustment for the second vaccine

Cyclophosphamide IV:
Time CYC administration so that it will occur approximately 1 week
after each vaccine dose, when feasible.

Assuming that patient’s COVID-19 risk is low or is able to be mitigated
by preventive health measures (e.g., self-isolation), schedule
vaccination so that the vaccine series is initiated approximately 4
weeks prior to next scheduled rituximab cycle; after vaccination, delay
RTX 2-4 weeks after 2nd vaccine dose, if disease activity allows.


Provider Relief Fund: What You Need to Know

Hosted by NORM & CSRO
Presented by Hart Health Strategy

Established as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the Provider Relief Fund is a separate federal pool of funding with two purposes: (1) for certain providers, to assist with covering healthcare-related expenses or lost revenue due to COVID-19; and (2) to reimburses providers for testing, treating, and vaccinating uninsured individuals related to COVID-19. These distributions do not need to be repaid to the US government, provided that providers comply with the terms and conditions.

The webinar will provide a brief overview of the Provider Relief Fund (PRF), detail new Congressional funding and changes to the program provided as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, and describe the latest information from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) related to the reporting and auditing requirements for PRF recipients to assist providers in retaining the funds received from the PRF.

July 28 webinar recording available here

July 29 webinar recording available here

Slides are available here

Panel Discussion: The CARES Act and Other Financial Assistance For Your Practice

Tuesday, April 21 from 2pm – 4pm EDT

Join us as a panel of experts in healthcare business consulting discuss the benefits and risks of various financial and tax assistance programs, most of which are provided through the recently passes CARES.


Toby D. Clary, CPA, CVA
Shareholder, Soukup, Bush & Associates

Amanda L. Waesch, JD
Executive Committee, BMD LLC

Partner & Vice President of Compliance, Doctors Management

Founder, Zetter Healthcare Management Consultants
President-Elect, National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants


Jay Salliotte
President, National Organization of Rheumatology Managers


Michelle Owen
Board Member, National Organization of Rheumatology Managers

To view the Panel Discussion Recording click here.

To view the panel discussion slide deck click here.

Handouts provided:

AMA physician practice financial relief guide 4-8-2020

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund

HHS relief fund payment terms and conditions 04132020

Tax Provisions in the CARES Act


CDC Official Guidelines for Coding – article

Aetna Interim Coding Information – article

COVID19 and UCD10 Diagnosis Coding – article

Cigna’s Interim Billing Guidelines – article

Cigna’s resources for Medicare Providers – article


NORM Telehealth Webinar presented by Jean Acevedo – website
This website also contains handouts used in then Webinar.
Remember that the data included in this webinar was accurate as of the time webinar.

Telemedicine, Virtual Visits & Digital E/M Services Update Webinar Attendee Q&A Summary – handout

TeleHealth (MDM and Time) Clearing Up The Confusion, by Sean Weiss DoctorsManagement – article

There is a Pandemic (DoctorsManagement) – article

Hart Health Telehealth payments in Response to COVID19 Pandemic – article

Hart Health Strategies Telehealth Information (Summary of CMS changes) – article

CMS – Medicare Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions – handout

CMS – Medicare TeleMedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet – article

AMA applauds Medicare telemedicine change – article

AMA Quick Guide to telemedicine – article

Medicare Coverage and Payment Related COVID – handout

Vendor Options – article

ACR Fact Sheet – article

United Healthcare Extends Temporary Telehealth Expansion and Reimbursement Through
Sept. 30, 2020 – article


American Rheumatology Network- resources

DoctorsManagement Resource Center – article

NICA Toolkit –

Responding to COVID19 – Cardinal Health –

Respond to COVID19 – Cardinal Health – Slides

CDC COVID19 Resources – website

National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialist COVID19 resource site – website

NC Department of Health & Human Services – Interim Guide for Discontinuation of Home Isolation – Instructions

NC Department of Health & Human Services – Outpatient Triage Assessment Guidelines – handout

MetroMedical Letter regarding distribution – handout

Message from RxVantage – handout and video

  • As a speaker at the first ad hoc meeting of rheumatology practice managers gathered in a single small room at its infancy a decade ago, I’m amazed to see how NORM has blossomed into a high energy organization of depth and professional meetings with parallel break-out symposia between plenary sessions. NORM has truly come of age. This is where the “business” of rheumatology gets learned. The ”guildmanship” for rheumatology practice management is now strong.- Paul H. Caldron, DO, FACP, FACR, MBA, Arizona Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates
  • In a time of demanding changes in the management of medical practices in the US, NORM has been a lifesaver to the community of Rheumatology practices.  NORM has allowed our practice to stay ahead of the many demands of CMS and others payors and has ensured that our practice remains cognizant of new issues that arise in HIPPA compliance, human resources and medical billing to name a few. Sending our Practice Manager to NORM's conferences has been cost-effective and beneficial to our practice because she returns to our office with an abundance of information that otherwise would have taken months to compile. Every Rheumatology practice that wishes to stay on top of emerging issues in practice management should consider sending a member of their staff to NORM's conference.- Michael S. Rosen M.D., Chester County Rheumatology PC
  • Thanks to all those wonderful people in the NORM Network who respond to emails, offering their advice, experience, time, and support ... I haven't even been a member a full year yet and I am amazed at the dedication of everyone who responds to helping via emails and the NORM Organization itself! I have barely had a chance to explore the resources and I have yet to really dive into requests for help still I am silently learning so much and do occasionally offer what I can! Thank you all!- Cheryl Piambino, Kenneth E. Bresky, DO

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