TOP 5 TOTAL BODY Resistance Band Workouts

Hi everyone! 🙂

I hope that you have been staying hydrated and thinking about a goal that you want to achieve within these next upcoming months with me! Now that we have established how much “fuel” (water) you need to get your car ready to go (your body) let’s take our first test drive and start with your FIRST workout! Yay!

For this workout, we are going to focus on resistance band exercises. This is going to be a total body workout, meaning we will be hitting muscles from your head to your toes! In the video above, I have broken down how I want you to perform each exercise, along with how many repetitions (one complete motion of that exercise) and sets (consecutive exercises) you should be doing.

Resistance band training is great method of training for the following reasons,

  1. You can do them ANYWHERE, like I am 🙂
  2. It’s a low cost type of workout! I got my set of bands (easy, medium and hard) for $14 at Target
  3. WAY easier on your joints
  4. Provides a type of resistance that you can’t get from weight training
  5. Helps with flexibility, agility, quickness, muscle strength, muscle growth, cardio and core
  6. Allows you to be creative and make it fun!

These workouts that I have provided are great for anyone at any fitness level. You will feel so rewarded after completing just a 10-minute workout!

So, your first objective/homework assignment was to drink AT LEAST 64 oz. of water a day. I hope you all are staying consistent and making that a top priority! With that being said, for your second objective…are you ready? …go out and buy yourself a set of resistance bands as soon as you can! You can take them with you if you go on vacation, don’t live near a gym or if you really just want to start slow and slowly work on progressing. Whatever it may be, consider this $14 as a life investment!

Stay happy, stay healthy and like always… A 4% workout is one hour of your day that can change 100% of your life! Did you really think I would forget to say that? 🙂

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