New year, new you? I don’t think so!

Ahh, New Year’s Resolutions. I can’t tell you how many times I hear them as a trainer. From my own clients to just walking around the gym, I often here the list of resolutions being made and usually forgotten. In this blog, we will discuss the ups and downs of the infamous decision that is made every single year.

You did it! You have officially made it through the holidays and pushed into 2019! With the new year passed and gone, it’s now time to throw out those excuses and focus on YOU. “New year, new you” is what seems to be the motto for a lot of my clients. When I hear this statement, I can’t help but correct them because I don’t want a new “them”, I want each of them to stay just the way they are but become a better version of themselves.

The thing with resolutions is while at times they can be a good kick in the butt, sometimes they end up doing more harm than good. After every New Year, I meet one of two people: the “obsessive” client or the “I give up” client.

The “obsessive” client is the one that wants to achieve his or her goal so badly, that they will do anything and everything to get there. Their entire mindset changes. Coming to the gym for a good time and stress relief now becomes a chore and another task in their life. I can’t tell you how many times I see what I tell my clients, “the burnt out lightbulb” look on their faces when they walk through the door. If you are the type of person that obsessives over achieving goals, creating a resolution might be something you would want to reconsider.

The “I give up” client is another one I experience. This is the person who sets an unrealistic goal for themselves and not get to their goal in the time/order that they wanted…resulting in quitting. This behavior is one I witness the most as a trainer and honestly can be the most upsetting one. Rome wasn’t built in a week and good things take time.

The key to avoiding both of these stereotypes is creating realistic, achievable resolutions. I have created a list of resolutions that I have witnessed fail time and time again. Please know, this is not me condoning your goals, but as a trainer I see this everyday and truly want what’s best for you all:

  1. Any fad diet: DON’T DO IT.
  2. January 1st Start Date: Don’t wait for a certain day to start your new lifestyle. You should do it because YOU want to do it when you want to do it.
  3. Wanting to lose “this much”weight: Focus on smaller things, the weight will come second nature.
  4. “Bye Junk Food”: Let’s be honest, this never works. Instead, limit yourself or control your portions.
  5. The everyday workout: Don’t overdo it, especially all at once. Start with two days a week, then move up to three and four, so on and so on…

In closing, avoiding these five stereotypes can help pivot your new year to a GREAT new year. You are not alone in this, you have the support of so many around you and you also have me motivating and pushing you each step of the way. Together we can all achieve a goal that we have been wanting to cross. Let’s get to working!

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