Healthy Manager: Spring into Action this March – 4 Ways to Motivate Your Staff

We have finally made it through the winter and are all ready for some brighter days ahead.

Keep reading for some tips on improving office health and how to motivate your staff this spring.

Cultivate an atmosphere of well-being. 

Creating a healthy and inclusive environment has massive productivity benefits. Some ideas to encourage that environment at your medical practice include:

  • Use a health calendar to make sure you stay on top of any health campaigns and upcoming events.
  • Form an inclusive workplace activity club. It might be as easy as arranging a weekly walk to encourage a better sense of community among the work teams, to implementing physical and mental health challenges. Whatever you choose to do, motivate the whole staff and get everyone involved.
  • Standing desks can help with back pain, can burn calories, and increase productivity. According to WebMD, “In a study of call center employees, those with standing desks were 45% more productive than employees who sat during their shift.”

Encourage activity.

From strengthening muscles to boosting the immune system, regular activity keeps us physically and mentally fit. In fact, it also reduces stress, boosts mood, and keeps us feeling young! Even though it is challenging for busy office employees to make time for regular exercise, it is crucial to implement some movement in your staff’s daily routine.

  • Negotiate discounts with local gyms or use an insurance provider who provides massive discounts with selected gym chains – and encourage employees to take advantage of these benefits.
  • Try a walking meeting! It sounds crazy, but research shows that conducting a meeting while taking a walk can lead to greater focus, less distraction, and quicker decision-making.

Utilize technology to promote workplace wellness. 

Technology can play a pivotal role in implementing the long-term benefits of wellness at work, so use it to your advantage!

  • Wearable technology – devices such as Apple watches or Fitbits are incredibly motivating, especially in team situations. Their use can help to motivate increased activity, like moving away from desks or encouraging standing. It can also allow users to monitor the physical signs of stress alongside apps designed to support mental health issues.
  • Flexible schedules – technology solutions can significantly reduce the stress caused by having to put long hours in at the office. Resources such as online file sharing, video calling, and instant messaging can help employees to work smarter, not harder.

Support healthy nutrition. 

We truly are what we eat, and believe it or not; people will perform better if they eat well. However, eating healthy can be difficult for busy medical office professionals as they get swamped throughout the day, and you don’t find the time to eat. Use these ideas that will nurture healthy food options:

  • Identity healthy dining options within a short distance from the office and then use your staff notice boards to highlight who and where they are.
  • If there is no catering on site, there are good healthy snack boxes and vending machine options that can provide healthy alternatives to fatty snacks and sugary drinks.
  • Fresh fruit boxes in the break rooms are a very effective way of encouraging employees to eat healthy snacks.

As you work to find the best motivators for your practice, keep in mind that every medical office is different. You may need to make some adjustments as you discover what works to keep your team productive and energized and what does not.

As you work on perfecting your motivation strategies, do not forget that a healthy and motivated employee who enjoys coming to work is a worthwhile investment. Do you have any other creative ideas to motivate your staff? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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