Is Your Medical Office Design Impacting Staff Productivity?

Employees spend much of their time in the workplace typing documents on the computer, attending meetings, analyzing data, and speaking with patients.

Believe it or not, how the office space is designed influences the health and productivity of the staff.

Office design should be factored into wellness initiatives to ensure the health and productivity of the staff. Through a health-friendly workplace design and structure, workers will feel good and become more valuable throughout their day. Keep reading for more reasons why office design is critical and what you can do to make your office space more comfortable.

Ensure there is a lot of natural light. 

Studies reveal that humans have a resounding response to natural light. Workplace designs that allow ample natural light will typically find staff healthier and working at high energy levels.

While not every office in a building can be located close to a window, clever design strategies and large open spaces promote more sunlight infiltration into the office spaces. Research shows that a good exposure to natural light and outdoor views of nature reduces stress and boosts employee mental wellbeing.

Proper ventilation and air quality should be a priority. 

The availability of clean and fresh air is crucial to employee health. Office design should promote adequate ventilation and access to fresh air, vastly improving workplace productivity.

Poor ventilation, elevated carbon dioxide levels, and other air irritants will obstruct employee attention span and focus.

Ergonomically friendly furniture. 

Comfort is crucial in the workplace, so providing ergonomic furniture is key to reducing injuries. Improving comfort and reducing injuries will result in higher efficiency, employee satisfaction, and fewer absences.

Many employees will be sitting for hours during their shift, so a comfortable chair will keep them healthier. There will be reduced aches and pains from sitting for extended periods. Some other ergonomic friendly workstation ideas include:

  • Adjustable or standing desks.
  • Position your monitor correctly.
  • Choose the right keyboard and mouse.
  • Organize workstations into zones.

Implement visuals.

Research has proven that what the eyes see can positively or negatively affect a person’s brain activity, so adding a bit of color to your office can benefit your employees. And the right combination reduces stress, boosts creativity, and raises morale.

A recent study found that adding pops of color to your office can increase creativity, enhance morale, broaden the appreciation for diversity, and encourage essential discussions.

[Click here for more tips on optimizing your medical office space!]

Make sure there are options for hydration and healthy nourishment. 

Proper water consumption helps improve energy levels and our ability to focus, clarity of mind, and awareness. This allows staff to be more productive at work. Here are a few ways you can help your employees increase their water intake:

  • Provide safe drinking water.
  • Install a water cooler.
  • Host water challenges.

If you want your employees to feel focused and productive, you’ll want them to eat a balanced diet that supplies them with the nourishment their bodies need to succeed. Encourage better eating habits and food culture with these tips:

  • Improve the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Label food.
  • Make nutritional information available.
  • Promote healthy food options over advertising unhealthy ones.
  • Host healthy eating challenges.

Well-designed medical office space is essential to running a successful practice. This will bring out the best in your employees, all while remaining loyal to your patients.

There is massive potential for improving and positively impacting employee well-being through thoughtful office design. By simply offering employees areas to recharge and considering their comfort, you can make subtle changes to improve the environment at your office.

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