9 Signs it’s Time for a Medical Practice Makeover

Is your practice beginning to feel stagnant?

Maybe the goals you had for your medical office are constantly falling short, perhaps turnover is high, or patient retention is down. Whatever the reason, you can’t afford to be stuck in a monotonous routine when it comes to your medical practice.

Let’s explore some questions that need to be asked to determine if it’s time for a practice makeover and what to do if it is.

Is your patient base growing or declining?

Patients leave; it is a part of any medical practice. However, it is crucial to understand why to retain patients in the future when they do. If your patients are leaving, and you’re not getting new ones, that’s a huge problem. While the general public may not always be the easiest to please, keeping them happy doesn’t require a Ph.D.

Patients must receive the utmost care throughout each appointment experience. From appointment making and the front desk greeting to the actual treatment and a follow-up call, it is essential a patient feels valued. Whether it’s correcting long wait times, fixing scheduling issues, modifying your office hours, or becoming more advanced with technology, it’s essential to find out what’s not working and make it better.

Are no-shows a constant issue?

Missed appointments are a huge problem among all medical practices. From wasted time to loss of revenue, no-shows can throw the best planned day into a tailspin. Studies show that even the best practices have high no-show rates. With this being such a common theme, it’s not shocking that this is a constant concern among medical practices.

If no-shows are a reoccurring problem at your practice, in addition to a practice makeover, it’s probably time for a policy makeover along with a more sophisticated reminder system.

[Wondering if a texting reminder system is suitable for the office? Click here!]

Is your staff productive and efficient?

We all want our medical offices to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Managing your medical office efficiently maximizes productivity and creates more profitability. You can see fewer patients when your practice is truly productive while retaining a solid bottom line.

If this is not the case at your office, it’s probably time for a review. By adding some simple strategies and daily habits, you can reduce the stresses created by an unproductive office.

Is your team experiencing burnout?

Let’s face it, working in the medical field is tough. The mental, emotional, and physical demands can take a toll on you and your staff. When dealing with patients, your team must remain mentally and physically healthy throughout these daily challenges.

Research and implement strategies to battle burnout at your medical practice, keeping you and your staff healthy and ready to care for your patients.

Do you have a lot of employee turnover?

Employee turnover is far more costly to practices than most managers realize; unfortunately, it’s a fact of life for most medical offices. However, this fact doesn’t make it any easier.

It is hard to lose people you’ve come to rely on for running your practice, and the financial impact can hit hard. Find ways to minimize turnover and ways to learn and benefit from it when it happens.

Are you offering modern technology? 

One way to help your medical office stand apart from the competition is by implementing an on-demand, 24/7 online portal with scheduling functionality. Not only will this make your staff lives much easier, but you’ll likely find you attract new, young patients with this feature.

As we all become busier and more tech-savvy, the less our younger generation wants to talk on the phone. They’ll feel confident booking their online appointments without having to say a word. Online scheduling to wait on, get started implementing a system right away!

Do you have a quality marketing plan in place?

Marketing is vital for businesses and brands in the medical industry, but unfortunately, it’s not as easy as promoting a sale or buying ad space. Executing the wrong strategy could lead to an epic business fail.

Marketing in the medical field must follow a different set of rules for a practice to gain awareness and the trust of its patients. Implement a medical marketing plan that will help you define clear goals and prepare your office for the future. Use this plan to help give your medical practice what it needs to surpass your competition while staying on the path to success.

Are you engaging with your patients?

Are you utilizing social media and a quality website to stay in touch with your patients? If not, it’s time. In addition to social media, include an informative blog along with an online patient portal on your website so your patients can easily access their records and essential documents.

What is the physical design of your office?

Is it the right size for your patient base? How is the daily flow? Are the exam rooms appropriately structured? If the layout of your practice doesn’t make sense, it may be time for a makeover. Ensure the space is optimized for improved performance, a better patient experience, and a more efficient office.

When planning a design makeover for your office, don’t forget about your waiting room. There are many ways to improve the experience by making your space more enjoyable, comfortable, and visually pleasing without breaking the bank.

As you look over this list of questions, identify your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. If there seem to be more flaws than strengths, it’s time for a makeover.

We hope these questions help get you and your medical office inspired and ready to take your business to the next level.

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